How to upload photos to Instagram from a PC or Mac desktop using mobile user agent

You can use "Toolkit For IG by PlugEx" to upload photos on Instagram.

How it works

Once mobile user agent is enabled, extension will mimic requests only for as if it is being accessed from a mobile device, this will give you access to various mobile only features that can not be accessed from desktop devices.

When mobile user agent for is disabled, extension will use your browser’s default user agent.

Enable / Disable mobile user agent for Instagram tool

Enabling this tool will change your browser user agent only for to iPhone, allowing you to access mobile version of Instagram.

After enabling this tool you will be able to upload photos to Instagram and access other mobile only features using your web browser.


  • You must be logged into your Instagram profile, otherwise upload button won’t be displayed.
  • You must have Toolkit For IG by PlugEx installed on your web browser.

Steps to enable / disable mobile user agent for Instagram.

  • After "Toolkit For IG by PlugEx", click on extension icon to open popup page.
  • Once you are on popup page, navigate to “Enable photo uploading” link from left drawer panel.
  • Following above steps will open a settings page where you can enable or disable mobile user agent for Instagram.

how to enable mobile user agent

How to upload photos

  • Enable mobile user agent tool by following steps that are shown above.
  • Visit after mobile user agent is enabled.
  • You will see a “+” button that allows you to upload content to Instagram.

How to upload photo