How to unfollow multiple profiles on Instagram

You can use "Toolkit For IG by PlugEx" to unfollow multiple Instagram profiles displayed on any of the pages on Instagram.

To do so, you must follow simple steps that are given below.



We recommend you to use this tool on Instagram following page. To open following page visit your Instagram profile and click on “Following” button.

However you can use this tool on any page that displays “following” buttons.

  • You must set your Instagram language to English for properly detecting buttons.
  • You must be logged into your Instagram profile, otherwise follow buttons won’t be displayed.
  • You must have "Toolkit For IG by PlugEx" installed on your web browser.
  • If you are using free version of our product then you must make sure that you are within daily usage limit of using this feature.
  • If you are using premium version of our product then your must make sure that your license is properly activated.

How to start

  • To use this tool, visit
  • Visit a page that shows “Following” buttons.
  • After that right click and click on “Click all unfollow buttons” from context menu.

Click Unfollow Context Menu

  • Alternatively your can start this tool by opening popup page and then entering correct URL and path in input fields displayed on your screen.

Click Unfollow Pop-up Menu

If you have followed above step, then a frame tool will be added on page that you are currently on.

How to use

After above frame tool is added on your page, you must follow these steps to click all “Unfollow” buttons:

  • Select a custom time interval between button clicks.
  • If you want to automatically scroll down then enable the checkbox displayed on your screen.
  • After that click on “Start Clicking” button.

Click Unfollow How To Use

This will start the process of clicking all unfollow buttons one by one, to stop this process, click on “Close” button.